East County Zig-Zag has lake views, twisty roads — Your Weekend Trip

Lake Morena
Lake Morena

A dry year at Lake Morena

Here’s a really fun trip over some little-known roads in San Diego County… but isn’t that what Weekend Driver is all about? It’s East County Zig-Zag, a loop around the East County communities of Lake Morena, Campo, Cameron Corners, La Posta, Live Oak Springs and Boulevard, plus the Campo Indian Reservation.

If you stay on the freeway, from our beginning exit, Buckman Springs Road, to the ending exit, Ribbonwood Road, it’s just a 15-mile trip on Interstate 8 that blows past in a few minutes at the posted 70 miles per hour speed limit. Taking the side roads, the trip is more than twice as far and, if you’re lucky, it will take the whole day.

Along the route are some of the prettiest oak groves on any drive in the county, a popular and historic lake, vintage trucks and trains, a casino and the real pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, homemade candies.

I originally took this route back in 2003, shortly after the tragic fires. It escaped damage then and in later fires, so it’s really a beautiful drive. Enjoy East County Zig-Zag.

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