Streetcar Suburbs and San Diego’s Historic Mission Hills — Your Weekend Trip

After that big family Easter or Passover dinner, why not a drive around town? Here’s one from back in May 2004 that should fit the bill… close to home (maybe you even live on the route), great views, history and you might learn something about your hometown.

It’s Streetcar Suburbs, a twisting drive through Mission Hills, Balboa Park, Hillcrest and environs. These neighborhoods were San Diego’s first suburbs, developed as the streetcar moved up Fifth Avenue around the turn of the last century. There are even a few surprises along the way. Enjoy Streetcar Suburbs»

Trip for This Weekend: Drive ‘Bullitt’ – Like Hills Around San Diego

Mustang on Ash Street in Downtown San Diego.

Not everybody thinks of San Diego being a city of some pretty rugged hills. Truth is, the hills and valleys are what define neighborhoods and cities throughout the county.

So are there San Francisco-like hills in San Diego? Ones that have straight up-and-down roads where Steve McQueen and crew could have shot the classic chase scenes for the movie Bullitt back in 1968?

You betcha.

In 2008, Ford produced a Bullitt Edition of the the Mustang to mark the 40th anniversary of the classic film. Today’s drive for the weekend takes a twisting route through downtown San Diego, Mission Hills and points between to challenge drivers on some genuine urban hill streets, produced when a street grid is projected over mountainous terrain — well, you’ll get the idea.

Along the way, the route passes some classic urban landmarks, such as the El Cortez, Laurel Street and the Craftsman homes in Mission Hills. Stop in at the Aero Club, El Indio or anyplace in Old Town for refreshments. Do keep track of the rather lengthy directions.

Enjoy A Bullitt in the Hills. GO>

High on Highland: Your Weekend Trip

Along Highland Valley Road.

What are your top five twisty roads in San Diego County?

On my list is the drive for this weekend, Highland Valley Road, the subject of High on Highland. Hairpins? It’s got ’em. Blind curves? Danger? Steep grades? Narrow lanes? They’re all on Highland Valley Road between Rancho Bernardo and Ramona.

Enjoy this trip that was taken just before the 2007 fires in a sporty Honda Civic SI four door.