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Along the Feather River Highway

Feather River Canyon: Remote with Road and Railroad Legends

I’ve been hearing about the Feather River Canyon my entire life. When I finally visited, I found it to be everything advertised… and shockingly quiet in the middle of the summer.

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Two Days in San Diego County… what drives would you take?

From Reader Gary: Great website, gents.  I’m working my way through the weekend drives, but I’m not that familiar with the area.  Have any suggestions for what/where someone from out of town could find a nice weekend trip? I’m from the rural East Coast and I think it’d be great to spend two days bombing […]

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San Pasqual Valley

Ramona roundabout: Wandering through the mountain town’s trails

Ramona is one of the special places in San Diego county. Not just because the low-mountain scenery provides great vistas around every corner, but its bucolic roots and surrounding terrain make for great road and wonderful day trip. Our route this time takes us over the county’s newest and technologically advanced freeways and some of […]

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OC’s Santiago and Trabuco Canyons Are Twisty Fun

Hyundai Genesis Coupe enjoys the back roads but watch the head room.

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Great vistas from trail.

Orange-Riverside County Off Roading In a Hybrid — Weekend Trip

Mercury might be gone, but for awhile it sold an upscale version of the hybrid Ford Escape, the Mariner. Back in 2006, I took one on the rugged mountains separating the coast from southern Riverside County. Clean Climbing takes drivers on a ridge with spectacular views east and west, down some twisting, rocky and rutty […]

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There’s Always a Dirt Road Somewhere; Mountain Snow Leads to Sunny Proctor Valley

It’s hard to believe, but even in San Diego the weather can interfere with the best plans. With a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee parked out front and a weekend plan to head up Nate Harrison Grade on Mount Palomar (and a Plan B to do some driving on rocks near Jacumba), our local dirt roads […]

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Ultimate Watering Holes: County’s Lakes Are Great Destinations

Today we’re in search of lakes — north, south and east on this San Diego day trip. I assume you can find the big lake to the west. For a region known for its beaches, San Diego county has too many lakes to count. The City of San Diego alone operates 10 lakes, reservoirs for […]

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On the trail.

A Bear of a Road: Right Turn For Challenging, Rocky and Beautiful Wilderness Trip

“What are all those trucks parked over there?” in the cul-de-sac to the right at the I-8 – Pine Valley Boulevard exit?

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Talk about a hairpin curve: West Lilac Road.

Twisting and Horsing Around Bonsall: Curves, Curves Curves in North County

The very common question came from a reader at the recent San Diego International Auto Show. “How long does it you take to research your drives? How do you find those roads?” The answer? The road’s just up ahead, around the corner. Get behind the wheel and drive.

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Pie in Julian

Julian Loop Offers Another View of San Diego

Folks come to San Diego for a variety of reasons. My grandfather moved here about 90 years ago because he hated the cold but still wanted to be a fisherman. All these decades later, a young cousin from that Swedish clan also wanted to get out of the cold for awhile.

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