Weekend Driver’s in UTSanDiego Today … and online

The latest Weekend Driver column is in print today and online. Weekend Driver: Train stop to history is in your favorite formats. It’s a trip to the Dos Cabeza train station out in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Pick up a copy at a newsstand or enjoy online. The online version includes the directions and a link to a Google map with the location.

And be sure to check back in a couple of weeks; we’ll have an extended version here at weekenddriver.com.

Be sure to pick up UT San Diego on Saturday for the next Weekend Driver column

Be sure to pick up a copy of UT San Diego (the San Diego Union-Tribune) on Saturday for the next Weekend Driver column, Train Stop to History, in the Wheels section. It’s a great day trip out to an old railroad station in the middle of the desert, a place where folks taking the San Diego and Arizona Railroad from the east or west would have a chance to get out and stretch while they filled up the steam engine with water.

It’s all gone now, except for the tracks and the water tank. A spectacular, lonely spot on the plant only a few miles off of Highway S-2.

There are two back stories here… one of the spectacular Mercedes-Benz ML350 that took me there, and the flat tire the Mercedes experienced on the way out. Yes, I did change a tire in the middle of the desert.

So don’t miss picking up the old print product on Saturday, when in addition to all the other fine stories, you’ll find Train Stop to History.