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Egyptian Garage

Mid-City Ramble: Euclid and Adams Avenues Drive Through City’s Spine

Drive through the heart of San Diego on some of its most famous avenues, from Imperial to Euclid to Adams.

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Ultimate Watering Holes

Today we’re in search of lakes — north, south and east on this San Diego day trip. I assume you can find the big lake to the west. For a region known for its beaches, San Diego county has too many lakes to count.

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Ford Mustang Bullitt Edition on Ash Street in downtown San Diego

A Bullitt in the Hills

Ford’s Commemorative Pony Car on Hills Steve McQueen Would Have Loved Originally published in October 2008 Go back a century and a new community, Mission Hills, sprouts north of downtown San Diego. Automobiles are The Next Big Thing and early adopters — just the kind of upscale clientele building homes in Mission Hills — were […]

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Summer on the Strand

South Bay Cruise Promises a Chance of Less Traffic, Delivers Great Views From July 2007 San Diego in the summertime. Time for a beach cruise. But where to go? That’s the challenge. Traffic from the fair and beaches can make Old Highway 101 north of Torrey Pines pretty grim. South of Torrey Pines, La Jolla, […]

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Might be built up now, but the vista was beautiful back in 2007.

New roads To explore as area develops west of Rancho Bernardo

Wandering around in new home developments is what got me started in day cruising. When I was a kid, we’d pile in the ’56 Chevy (or later, the ’64 Pontiac Catalina) and go for a drive on Sundays. My dad would follow the flags to the new developments, then we’d drive slowly down the street, […]

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Mustang Around The Bay: Drive the Beach on Cloudy Days

Keep this secret to yourself: on foggy, overcast days, people don’t go to the beach. That means it’s a perfect day for a drive around the beach. Just a few weeks back, Easter weekend was gray and it was perfect top-down driving weather. A light jacket, light traffic and the heater on in the Mustang […]

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Wandering Through South Bay: Chargers’ Stadium Search Leads to Fun Driving Day

The late ’60s and early ’70s were a great time to be a kid in San Diego if you — and your parents — liked taking Sunday drives to see all the new stuff being built. Whether it was a new freeway, home development or stadium, we’d pile into the Pontiac to go take a […]

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Mt. Helix View

Snails and Shakes

Nearby East County Hills Offer A Great Cruise Route Admit it… that sports car, collector car, sports bike, or Harley hasn’t been on the road for awhile. The excuses for why its tires are beginning to develop flat spots and the paint has a coating of dust are the same as always… too busy, too […]

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