The Great Car Museum Tour: Snooks Dream Cars

Bowling Green, Ohio
Monday, July 18, 2006

I overnighted in Bowling Green, Ohio, and just across the freeway from my hotel was a private car museum, Snook’s Dream Cars.

A private collection and restoration shop operated by the Snook family, it’s one of the better private museums I’ve seen.

Everything from race cars to pedal cars was on display, including a Kaiser-Darrin and companion pedal car, a shrunken 56 Ford, Model Ts and mundane grocery-getters, all in pristine condition.

Snooks Dream Cars
Snooks Dream Cars.
Kaiser Darrin
A 1953 Kaiser Darrin with its companion kiddie car.
The iconic 1957 Ford Thunderbird.
Picture Dinah Shore singing “See the USA In Your Chevrolet” to this beauty.

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