A vacation in the Midwest? Yes, it’s the Great Car Museum Tour!

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Former Packard Motor Car Company plant.

California might be the best place in the world to drive, but the Midwest is nirvana when it comes to historic car sites and museums.

As a California kid, the big-time car building business has always been a bit of a mystery. We never made it up to the plants in Los Angeles when they were in operation (the last, a GM factory, closed in the early 1990s). And believe it or not, Hurricane Katrina blew only chance to take the tour at the now-closed NUMMI plant in Fremont, Calif. … but that’s another story.

Studebaker National Museum.
Studebaker National Museum.

So, back in the summer of 2006, I headed to Indiana, Ohio and Michigan to visit cars new and old. What a fun trip. Classic classics in Auburn, crumbling factory ruins in Detroit and South Bend, great people, great roads, covered bridges and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Hope you can take it some day. Go to The Great Car Museum Tour page.

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