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Sunset on the Coast Starlight.

Taking the rails to the LA Auto Show

To get to the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show from San Diego, ...
Amtrak Southwest Chief at Albuquerque

What’s a trip like on Amtrak? Here’s a great video

I’m asked what it’s like sleeping in a roomette and enjoying the ...

Amtrak Coast Starlight in Cascades snow

Here’s another video from the Coast Starlight, tunnel to tunnel in the ...

From the Starlight Trip: Breathtaking Vistas through the Siskious, Cascades in Oregon

From my Starlight trip, a blog entry I wrote but didn’t post. ...
Headed to Leavenworth.

Lincoln MKT and a Trip Around Washington

Winter drive through the Cascades and across state finds great vistas and ...
Rain in Sacramento.

Train 2011: One Rainy Day

Since this is finishing my first round-trip up the West Coast and ...

Train 2011 — Rolling Along

After the bus trip to Portland, it’s been a nice ride down the west coast. My dinner last night was a fine piece of halibut in the dining car. Dining on a train is a great experience; watching the world go by and the waiters managing to work from a tiny prep area and never […]

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Train 2011: Bus begins trip home

Who would guess that there’s rain in the Northwest. So a mudslide on the tracks between Kelso and Portland put all Portland-south passengers on buses. The train could get through, but they didn’t want passengers onboard through the mud. Lunch (included for sleeper passengers like me) was a Subway box lunch. With no stops (or […]

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GPS Doesn’t Mean Guaranteed to Put you in the right Spot (sorry)

So a few things I learned about GPS on the train and when I got to Seattle. First, I left my trusty Garmin Nuvi at home, thinking I would rely on the GPS I expected to have in the car I would drive, plus the two (count ’em, two) GPS systems in my Android phone. […]

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Train 2011: Around Mt. Shasta

After a decent night’s sleep, those of us on the Coast Starlight today awoke to blue skies as we looped around Mt. Shasta. The big rock is covered with snow and glistened in the morning sun. I popped into the dining car to enjoy an early breakfast (not one of Amtrak’s best) while we twisted […]

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