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Classic Triumph Sprite

Take a look at the ’14 British Car Day in San Diego

Oct. 14 was British Car Day by the bay in San Diego, ...
Fins on a '58 President hardtop

It’s a Studebaker (and Packard and Pierce Arrow) day at the Cool Classic Car Show

It was a nice show put on by the local chapter of ...
Orphan car exhibit at the San Diego Auto Museum.

Classic Pierce-Arrow, Auburn, Packard, Hudson, Rambler and more at SD Auto Museum orphan car show

Here’s a look at the orphan car show at the San Diego ...

Maybe there’s some hope for my old Miata… Japanese collector car prices up

The LA Times says prices are up for collector cars made in ...
Celebrating 50 Years of Ford Mustang

Celebrate 50 years of the Mustang and take yours on great San Diego roads

It’s 50 years since the Ford Mustang made its debut. Take two ...
'74 Opel Manta catalog

Hey, I had one of these… An Opel Manta

  Great commercial from back in the day for the ’73 Opel ...

Jay Leno looks at 25 years of the Miata; I still have my ’91

Jay Leno’s Garage has a neat feature on the 25th year of Mazda Miata production. Interviews with designer Tom Matano and contributor Bob Hall, great guys that not only brought out the world’s most popular sports car but loved hanging out with us owners back in the early days. My Mariner Blue ’91 is semi-retired […]

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1953 Hudson Super Wasp

Anybody interested in a ’53 Hudson Wasp? It ran when parked in ’77.

I’m up in the Rockies visiting my brother Phil and he might be willing to part with (or part out) his ’53 Hudson Wasp. Says its all there including the Twin-H manifolds. Been sitting for a few decades in dry Colorado air at 9,000 feet. Let me know.

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What a Lowrider show at SD Auto Museum; 650 @ opening

What an opening tonight at the San Diego Auto Museum for the Lowrider exhibit. A hometown San Diego creation and culture for 50 years. Absoutely great job by museum staff to bring together historic and contemporary classics. Well, back to the street tacos!

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Coronado Speed Festival is not to be missed… but I have to

Today’s the last day and if you haven’t ever experienced it, it’s worth a drive over to North Island for the day.

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