ComicCon Food Truck Food Court — A Quick Look

One of the new things this year at the ComicCon in San Diego is a food court made up of local gourmet food trucks. There are seven trucks all in a circle at the corner of First and Island avenues, just across from the Convention Center and the First Avenue trolley station.

I’ve been able to sample two of the trucks: the Two For the Road, “Classic American Comfort Food With a Twist”; and Pierogi-Truck, with Polish and eastern European cuisine.

Two For the Road offers burgers, mac and cheese and my selection, a good New York style corned beef sandwich, with coleslaw and mustard on grilled rye. The corned beef was good with a bit of fat but sliced a bit thicker than I’d like, but still piled reasonably high. A good sandwich. Co-owner Lisa Orchow said there are about 25 gourmet food trucks in San Diego County.

Pierogi-Truck has Polish and eastern European cuisine, with a great aroma wafting across the street into the open windows of my condo. I had to try the homemade meat pierogi, with homemade sausage inside a light dough. It’s a stuffed dumpling Polish style and is served with bacon bits and a light cole slaw. Good stuff.

Both dishes were about $8, a bit high but apparently the food-truck-court organizers charged quite a bit for the spots. Crowds were moderate; I hope the truck operators and promoters hang with it and do this again next year.

Out of Town: Hearst’s Hacienda is Perfect Base for Central Coast Adventure

Hacienda Guest Lodge

Here’s the most popular destination on my website, Hearst’s Hacienda, the Hacienda Guest Lodge on Ft. Hunter Liggett near King City, along California’s Central Coast.

Built in 1929 by William Randolph Hearst, of Hearst’s Castle fame, it was a guest house and ranch headquarters for what was the northern half of the newspaper magnate’s ranch. Hearst sold the property to the U.S. Government in 1940 and it eventually became Ft. Hunter Liggett, an Army training center.

The “ranch house” reportedly cost $200,000 to build and looks more like a rambling mission (Mission San Antonio de Padua is nearby) than the Pondreosa. Today, it’s open to the public for overnight stays. It’s rather basic, but the prices are great as well. From there, roads twist around the mountains and over the peaks to Big Sur and the spectacular California coast.

It’s a real throwback in terms of the location and amenities. Enjoy Hearst’s Hacienda»

Trip For This Weekend: Summer Strand Is a Great Beach Drive

A secret beach in Coronado? With parking? Away from the tourists? It doesn't exist, except in this photo.

Here’s one of my all-time favorites… in fact a friend and I just cruised down the Strand from Coronado to Imperial Beach on Friday night. Want to take a beach drive in Southern California with no traffic? Well, this is the place for you.

The Silver Strand is about eight miles of sand that separate San Diego Bay from the Pacific Ocean. The highway runs right down the middle, with spots where the bay laps one side of the road and the ocean waves pound the other. There are city views, with the bridge and downtown San Diego, plus the South Bay cities of Chula Vista and National City.

Stop off for a bite to eat on the end of the Imperial Beach Pier and loop around the Tijuana River Estuary parks. Something not to be missed. Enjoy Summer on the Strand.